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Helmets for sledding? Really?

I sent my son to Grade 1 with a helmet today. It’s not that his classroom is particularly rough — it’s because I don’t want him to get a head injury during gym class. Times have changed, you see. His school sent home a… Continue Reading “Helmets for sledding? Really?”

Say hello to my little friends

I’m spending today (and tomorrow) at an Emergency Childcare class! I’m excited to learn Infant CPR and get a refresher on emergency care, choking etc. It’s been a long time since the babysitting course I took when I was 11, so I think this… Continue Reading “Say hello to my little friends”

When moms worry about choking …

You know my fear of choking? Specifically, Baby Boy choking? He has almost done it.And every time, I almost have a heart attack. Two weeks ago, he stuffed too many puffs in his mouth and started to sputter. He wasn’t actually choking, but it… Continue Reading “When moms worry about choking …”