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Eight kids’ fads I just don’t understand

There are plenty of times when I really remember what it was like to be a kid and feel connected to my son and daughter. Wrapping a fruit roll-up around your index finger and then chewing it off? Heck yes! Intertwining your feet with… Continue Reading “Eight kids’ fads I just don’t understand”

The trouble with (tossing) toys

There’s nothing like Fall Clean-Up Week (a.k.a. Old Furniture as Curb Decor Week) to get you motivated to get rid of clutter. Fall and spring give most of us that natural urge to freshen and pare down for the upcoming season. And — don’t… Continue Reading “The trouble with (tossing) toys”

The fixer-upper play set

I called dibs on a neighbour’s play set when their youngest was in Grade 5, and I felt like I’d won the jackpot when they decided they were ready to sell it to us. These wooden play sets can be $1,000 brand new, but… Continue Reading “The fixer-upper play set”

When your kids demand "a friend" … constantly

One of the main reasons we chose to have two children was so they could play with each other. We even chose to have them close in age — a year and a half apart — to increase the odds they’d enjoy hanging out… Continue Reading “When your kids demand "a friend" … constantly”

Little Live Pets review + giveaway

The following is a sponsored conversation with Little Live Pets.  An exciting package came in the mail recently, and it wasn’t something I’d forgotten I’d ordered online (which is usually the case). The kids were lucky enough to review (a.k.a. get enlisted to play with… Continue Reading “Little Live Pets review + giveaway”