Why schoolwork is saving our summer vacation

One of the most fun summer activities at our house isn’t swimming in the inflatable pool, playing on the new monkey bars or having water fights with the neighbours.

It’s a daily spelling test.

It all started exactly one week into summer vacation. The kids were staying up much later than usual because of the summertime backyard merriment. Dinner was served later because everyone was playing happily with friends and then bedtime was delayed because everyone had gathered in the yards to chat and watch the dogs run around.

The much later bedtime meant everyone was too tired for our nightly reading practice with our soon-to-be Grade 2 student. After a full week without him reading to us, I knew we had to change things up. If nighttime could no longer be reading time, then I’d move it to the morning when everyone’s fresh and awake.

Then I decided to go even further. After all, I reasoned, his reading’s good but his writing and spelling could use work. What if I changed the kids’ summer morning routine from lazing in front of the iPad to a casual form of, dare I say it, homeschooling?

I announced the change that evening.

“When you wake up in the morning, no iPad or TV — or any screens,” I added. “Instead, you’re going to read one long book (or two short books) to your sister and then we’re going to do some writing or spelling or math together. Fun, right?”

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One Comment on “Why schoolwork is saving our summer vacation

  1. You make everything sound like so much fun! I bet they even get excited about their chores! =D


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