When Pinterest-ing with your toddler, things gets messy

I saw a super-cute idea on Pinterest to try with D. The photo showed the little boy happily dropping colours onto a pan of baking soda. Hey, do you follow me on Pinterest? You should!
Anyway, it seemed like such a cute activity for us to do together.
  1. Fill three small bowls with water, and add food colouring
  3. Realize you were supposed to use VINEGAR instead of water.
  5. Dump out bowls of coloured water.
  7. Fill bowls with vinegar, add food colouring. 

5. Pour baking soda into rectangular baking pan.

6. Realize you do not have enough baking soda to fill the pan. Those boxes are small!

7. Add flour and mix it all up, hoping there is enough baking soda in the mixture.

8. Dig through your “Kiddie medicine” tupperware container under the bathroom sink until you find a spare Tylenol dropper

9. Try to rinse off old white-grape-flavoured Tylenol stuck to sides and interior of dropper

10. Figure there is not enough there to harm the toddler, and continue

11. Excitedly place everything in front of your toddler, and watch the project kind of go to hell.

12. Laugh at their hilarious expressions when they dump the entire bowl of vinegar into the pan and see the fizzing mess they’ve created.

13. Take lots of photos. Marvel at their adorableness.

14. When the fun is over, drag a kitchen chair over to the sink and allow your toddler to “help” by washing the pan, bowls, and stirring spoon.

15. Put a dishtowel on the chair, because it’s so wet they are slipping everywhere.

16. Clean up mass amounts of water on the floor.

17. Drag a kicking and screaming toddler away from the sink.

18. Put them in clean, dry clothes.

19. Sponge baking soda/vinegar streaks from the patio doors.

20. Look at the photos, and realize it WAS a damn cute activity to do together. And do your best to ignore the gunky residue you can’t scrape off the door frame.

So what do you think?

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