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The other night

It came out of nowhere, and now it’s practically all I can think about. Longtime readers may remember that back before I was pregnant with D — when I was just a mild-mannered reporter, er, producer/project manager, I had this dream of writing and… Continue Reading “The other night”

Shift / Shifting / Shifted

I think the hardest part of being a grown-up — for me, at least — is that no matter how much I organize and categorize my life, it’s always shifting. I love order and routine and knowing exactly what’s going to come next. A… Continue Reading “Shift / Shifting / Shifted”

New year, same-ish me

Happy 2014, Blogosphere! Well, that was certainly a hiatus and a half, wasn’t it? I leave you with the world’s most awesome candy recipe (and caramel corn recipe), and then … just leave? What was up with that? Shared this on Instagram recently, and… Continue Reading “New year, same-ish me”