The early riser(s)

About a million years ago (or like 5-6 years ago), I used to get up really early so I could have an hour or two to work on my novel before working my “day job.”

I thought I was being mega-disciplined and it felt hard to get up that early. But in retrospect, it was easy. Darling Husband slept through anything. The dog slept through everything. There was no one to worry about waking, and no really obligations once I stopped writing and started getting ready for work.

I used to get so much done during those early-morning sessions, and I’ve been missing them over the last half-decade (yikes, that sounds too long — let’s stick with “five years”).

The internet is full of stories of how moms should get up an hour earlier than their kids so they can have time for a cup of coffee/tea, to enjoy the quiet, plan out their day, etc.

I love that idea, but when you have kids who are (A) early risers, and (B) incredibly light sleepers, it just doesn’t go down this way.

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My oldest, D (exactly four-and-a-half, as of the other day) has always been both. No matter what time he falls asleep at night, he’s up at exactly the same time — cheerful and rested — as if he’s been programmed by a clock-maker. He’s also a super-light sleeper, so if I ever *happened* to try to sneak up before him, he hears me and wakes up, too (sometimes cranky, because it’s before his internally-scheduled wake-up time).

My baby girl, C (two-and-a-half) is not an early riser. She loves to sleep in, just like her dad. However, she *is* a light sleeper. There are plenty of mornings where she would sleep in for an extra hour, but she’s woken up by D running to pee or loudly playing with trains in his bedroom. Nine times out of 10, she doesn’t wake up “naturally” and therefore wakes up like a cranky-but-cute bear cub.

This morning, though — wow, took me a long time to get to my point? — was different.

I have no idea why the kids were extra-tired this morning, but my alarm went off at 7 a.m. and the house was quiet. Darling Husband had been up and out at 5 a.m. for a shift, and the kids were still asleep.

I tiptoed around getting dressed, washing my face, and brushing my teeth — which ordinarily wakes D up immediately, no matter how quietly I’m creeping. But … nothing.

When my bare feet hit the stairs, I knew it would wake him up because the stairs creak. Still nothing.

I actually made it downstairs, made a pot of tea, did my makeup, and THEY WERE STILL ASLEEP. It was exactly as relaxing as all of those mom-bloggers promised!

I ended up having to *wake* both of the kids before my friend came by to drop off her son (we drive him to preschool a few days a week). It was crazy. Why can’t this ever happen on the weekend?!

I know today was a one-off, and tomorrow D will be up bright and early again — blinking at me in the darkness and asking if it’s morning yet. But this morning was nice while it lasted.

It’s made me even more determined to get a Chromebook in the Boxing Day sales so I can quietly do some writing (in bed!) and not risk waking up my light sleepers.

Book, I’ll publish you yet. Somehow.


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