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Current obsession: our DIY kitchen stools

I’m starting to figure out that for each season of parenthood, there is a piece of furniture you will toss and later regret. When our son was a baby, we scrapped our glass (potentially deadly) coffee table. When he turned one, we realized we… Continue Reading “Current obsession: our DIY kitchen stools”

Three ways to DIY a lettered canvas

Here are three different ways (and different price-points) to put words on your wall — without needing a stencil, a paintbrush or a steady hand.

DIY wall art from baby shoes

DIY wall art from baby shoes {Heather's Handmade Life}

When our son was a baby, he pretty much had one pairs of shoes at any given time. They were all bland combinations of navy blue, light blue, and grey — and when he outgrew a pair, we bought a larger pair that looked… Continue Reading “DIY wall art from baby shoes”

Upholstered DIY headboard

Upholstered DIY headboard {Heather's Handmade Life}

We decided to make an extra-tall, super-plush DIY headboard covered in textured charcoal grey fabric.

DIY Disaster Diary: The two-toned deck

Halloween is coming up, so this weekend I shared my version of a DIY horror story: the two-toned deck. Like all horror stories, it starts off cheerfully, but then there’s a lot of screaming and crying and it ends on kind of a dark… Continue Reading “DIY Disaster Diary: The two-toned deck”