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Home province/state string art

The last thing my house needs is more wall art. Well, I suppose if we’re getting technical, the last things it needs are wooden monograms, dust, fabric stashes, and crayons with the labels ripped off. Anyway, that certainly doesn’t stop me from making new… Continue Reading “Home province/state string art”

Disappearing farmhouse benches

DIY farmhouse benches for below a coffee table {Heather's Handmade Life}

Every fall and spring, there’s a special week when you can score free furniture. Sure, it’s from the curb, but sometimes you can get great pieces from people who don’t want to bother trying to sell it. I’ve mentioned before how we went years… Continue Reading “Disappearing farmhouse benches”

Building a huge L-shaped desk

When you’re buried in surface clutter, sometimes one desk is better than two. My office used to have a small kidney-shaped desk ($60 from the office supply store) and an art desk in the corner for crafting and sewing. It seemed like the perfect… Continue Reading “Building a huge L-shaped desk”

DIY produce stand

I wanted a DIY produce stand so we could stop the potatoes from turning to science experiments in the cereal cupboard. Hey, maybe we could get the bananas off the counter, too.

Make a giant paper mâché letter

DIY giant paper mache letter {Heather's Handmade Life}

Here’s something you should know about me: my projects don’t always turn out like I’d planned — sometimes they totally bomb — but I’m just stubborn enough to keep working on them until they turn into something decent. This, my friends, was one of… Continue Reading “Make a giant paper mâché letter”