Space-saving nursery tricks

Hooray! I have finally made some progress in my ongoing quest to figure out how to fit baby-gear into our small place.

Caught an episode of The Mom Show the other day — love that show, and have for the last couple of years — and it featured a couple who wanted a “modern” nursery. I am more traditional, in terms of decor, but I kept watching just in case.
I wasn’t a big fan of the finished product — kind of dull, sea-grass-ish, beach-themed — but I was impressed by how little furniture was required. Even if modern decor isn’t your thing, apparently there is a lot we can learn about the minimalist approach, like this example from
Here are the only three pieces of furniture you need for the nursery …
  • CRIB: Duh, right? But instead of buying a regular crib, you can buy one that converts into a double-bed. Then you will have use for it, either in future guest rooms — when you have a bigger place —  or for the kiddo when he/she is older. If you’re really short on space, you could probably store wicker baskets underneath it, too.
  • CHANGING TABLE/DRESSER: Yeah, you need a changing table, and yeah, you need a dresser — but there’s no reason they can’t be the same thing. Buy a changing table with lots of drawer space for clothes and supplies. Or you can buy a regular dresser, even, and get one of those changing-table-tops that just attaches on top.
  • CHAIR: You will want a place to feed and cuddle the baby, so a chair is a must-have. But you don’t need to get a rocking chair. Some moms and dads are opting for cozy armchairs and recliners. You should choose whatever feels most comfortable for you — because you’ll be clocking a lot of hours in it!
That’s not bad — three pieces! I am a huge fan of the big tupperware containers (with drawers, lids, etc.), so I plan to get a bunch of those for storing things in the closet. They’re light to tote around to different rooms, and great for keeping things organized.
It’s nice to know there is a way to make this work without owning a massive house! There is hope for us!

So what do you think?

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