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Confessions of a Pinterest Mom

My children are the ones showing up in outfits I lovingly sewed for them. They eat pancakes shaped like dragons and sandwiches cut into smiley faces. They play outside in playhouses we built and painted, and take baths with glow-sticks and homemade body paint.… Continue Reading “Confessions of a Pinterest Mom”

Dear Mommy Wars, here’s why you frustrate me

(Updated March 25, 2015) Wow! I was thrilled to be contacted by The Huffington Post this afternoon about reprinting this piece, so you can now find the full text over there. Getting published on HuffPo was one of my career goals for 2015, so… Continue Reading “Dear Mommy Wars, here’s why you frustrate me”

Don’t take anything personally

You know what really burns my toast? Meanness and general drama/pettiness/discomfort among friends! I’m kind of out of practice about it (luckily) but in the last couple of days, I’ve been letting some things get to me. My feelings have been very hurt. I’ve had… Continue Reading “Don’t take anything personally”