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Little Miss Chatterbox

You know how baby monitors sometimes pick up phone conversations on nearby cordless phones? Maybe they even pick up cell phone calls. That would be very cool. My old cordless phone did that, and I once excitedly listened in on a neighbour’s BORING-ASS conversation… Continue Reading “Little Miss Chatterbox”

How moms meet other moms at the movies …

OTHER MOM: Oh, what a sweet little boy! ME: Thanks! Your daughter’s beautiful. How old is she? OTHER MOM: Six months. How old is your son? ME: Ten weeks. OTHER MOM: Whaaaaaaaaat? He’s so big! ME: Yup, he’s a big guy. OTHER MOM: How… Continue Reading “How moms meet other moms at the movies …”

She’s makin’ a list, she’s checkin’ it twice

In my former life — a.k.a. Before Baby, a.k.a. When I Had A Job — I used to be obsessed with to-do lists. I had a running list on my BlackBerry of “personal” to-dos (errands, etc.) and a series of very elaborate “professional” lists… Continue Reading “She’s makin’ a list, she’s checkin’ it twice”