"I’m wearing my wife apron and my mom hat."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

36 weeks, 3 days pregnant
OK, I totally admit it: I am rocking the ’50s housewife gig so far on maternity leave, and I love it just as much as I thought I would.
Today is Day 3, and I’m very pleased that I’ve been checking items off my to-do list left and right. Probably too many items, as I am supposed to be resting, but it just feels so good not to be at work.
Leaving for work at 8 a.m. and getting home at 6 p.m. (or later) was completely draining me. I would struggle through making/eating dinner, manage to watch one TV show, and then collapse into bed at 8 or 8:30 p.m. Quelle life!
Now that I don’t have that time-sucker (a.k.a. work), I’m feeling a lot better. Because my sleeping is so screwed up, I’ve been getting up earlier than usual, but I’m feeling more rested somehow. I’ve been doing a lot of work around the house, but I make myself take breaks — POPSICLE BREAKS! — when I need them.
Being so productive is giving me an amazing high. It’s not even 11 a.m., but already today I have …
  • Driven Darling Husband to work
  • Eaten breakfast
  • Put a load of laundry on
  • Made the bed
  • Read the fliers and wrote out a grocery list
  • Cut out coupons
  • Dropped off a prescription
  • Stocked up on paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. (all on sale at the drugstore)
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Put groceries away
  • Moved the laundry to the dryer
  • Made individual trail mixes for Darling Husband to take to work
  • Cleaned out the “grocery” cupboards
  • Cleaned out the freezer
  • Cleaned out the fridge
Crazy, right??? Thank God the baby-related stuff has been done for freaking ages, because I can’t imagine how I would have juggled all of that as well.
I’m so accustomed to the fast pace of the office — and the constantly making/checking off to-dos — that I can’t break the habit. I need to check things off my list! I want to make good use of this time, since I know time will be fleeting once Baby Boy arrives.
My goal is to have the condo finished — and I have no idea what I really mean by “finished,” in my nesting frenzy, but I think I mean cleaned/organized/stocked with food and household necessities — by the end of the day on Friday.
Then the plan is to spend next week doing more fun activities, like scrapbooking — I’m going to order a bunch of prints at Wal-Mart, and go wild — painting, sewing, hanging out with C and her baby boy, going swimming, etc.
Because even though I am on maternity leave, I cannot stop planning milestones and tasks, apparently.

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