Let’s go to the movies

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

37 weeks, 3 days pregnant
Good news! Today I actually did more than just obsessive cupboard-organizing. I spent the morning at a Mommy/Baby movie event with lovely friend C and her baby boy.
It was a special event sponsored by a local drugstore, so it meant we got a free movie — Letters to Juliet — and a goodie bag of free baby stuff, in exchange for … I never did figure out what the drugstore got from the deal, actually. But I heart free stuff, so whatever.
Our local movie theatres actually do regular Mommy/Baby movies. The moms vote on the movies via an online poll, and everybody brings their babies. The theatre has changing tables set up, and they keep the lights on low — so no one drops their babies. If the babies cry or fuss during the movie, no one cares — because everyone’s baby fusses at some point. It’s a very cool event for new moms (who might otherwise not get to the movies very often).
Of course, a baby is the key accessory at these events. And what did I show up with? An UNBORN BABY (a.k.a. Just a giant belly). It was like going to a potluck holding a piece of paper that read, “I am a casserole.”
Looking forward to the first Mommy/Baby movie that I can attend with my actual casserole — er, baby.

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