Putting it out there

Change is really hard for me.
So is uncertainty.

Putting your home on the market is terrifying, especially when you are the kind of person who hates not knowing what’s going to happen. And that kind of person who worries constantly. And the kind of person who takes things to heart.

Our condo hits the market today, and I’m scared. We can’t afford to live here past May, unless I go back to work full-time (and sob uncontrollably every day put Baby Boy in daycare). There is so much pressure on us to sell it within the next few months.

We need a cheaper home — a cheaper life — to have the life we want. We want Darling Husband to stop working 80+ hours every week. We want me to be able to stay home with Baby Boy. We want to feel like we can pay our bills (and save) comfortably — it is very frustrating to not feel this way now, even with us working so hard.

This is me, putting a plea/hope/good vipes out there to the interwebs. I hope someone buys our place. I hope I can relax, and not let this worrying-about-when-it’s-going-to-sell consume me. I hope things work out.

2 Comments on “Putting it out there

  1. We are in the exact same boat. We live in a condo in Edmonton because we thought it was all we could afford. Now we're living in a building less than 5 years old and are paying $400+ for condo fees each month. I wish we had bought a house, as our first real estate investment, but we didn't. We thought this was all we could afford – yet it's costing us more than a house would. It's incredibly frustrating! While we don't yet have a baby, we're wanting to be out of this place so that we can begin putting money on debt and start saving so that we can “afford” to have me home, once we do have a little one. Our condo has been on the market since July, but isn't listed with a Realtor. I hope your situation is a little less difficult than ours has been, but with listing ourselves in order to save $15,000 on commission, it seems we're not getting anywhere…


  2. Ohhhh, Shannon! It sucks-sucks-sucks, doesn't it? Although I must say, it feels a bit better to know we are not the only people in this situation. I hope we BOTH sell our condos soon!


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