Public service announcement: When your husband goes on vacation

I miss Darling Husband when he’s at work.
But sometimes? When he’s home?
He drives me friggin’ insane.

I feel like a bitch even writing this! I love my husband like crazy! We’re coming up on our anniversary (three years married, 11 years together), and he’s the sweetest, kindest guy ever.

But …

Well, you see, he’s on “vacation” now. I say “vacation” because he’s only off from ONE of his TWO jobs. He’s on vacay from the “good” job, but is still working the “blah” job (as well as picking up some extra shifts there, because clearly the man would go crazy if he had some free time?).

And I … well, I’m used to being on my own with Baby Boy, pretty much day in and day out. Sometimes Darling Husband is home in the evening. Sometimes we see him for a bit during the day. He has days off, and those are great.

But for the most part, it’s just me and the little guy. I keep up with the chores, I get my freelance work done, I do activities with Baby Boy. Things are kind of dull sometimes, but they are very routine-heavy and there is a certain comfort in that. And SHIT STAYS CLEAN! Yes, even with an active baby!

Now that Darling Husband is on vacay? Things are MESSY! And … and I’m not used it! Not to this degree, anyway. Usually he is only home for a few hours here and there, and that’s not enough time to make a huge mess. But now I’m constantly looking at his Path of Destruction. Glasses, keys, remotes, clothes, cords, papers, socks, work passes, iPods, cell phone. Everywherrrrrrrrrrre!

He is not a slob. He understands the concept of cleaning up. It’s just that he does not think anything needs to be done THIS SECOND like I do. He is so melllllow that he doesn’t mind looking at a mess for hourrrrrrs before actually doing something about it.


I am trying to get over my neurosis and just enjoy that he’s around more. I really am. But I am a creature of habit (understatement police, arrest me now). And I am also a creature of TIDY. And of cleaning stuff up RIGHT away, and then we can move on and everything is happy and sunshine-y!

I’m trying.

But DEAR LORD — if you could see the messes!?!?
You’d twitch, too!

So what do you think?

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