Five on Friday: iPad edition

It looks like these list-y Friday posts are becoming quite the trend on the blogosphere, and even though I usually don’t follow trends until, like, five years after they stop being cool, I thought I would try it.
The kids and I got the chance to review a new app called “What Makes You Giggle,” so I thought I’d round up my Top 5 favourite kids’ apps and accessories for the iPad.
1. What Makes You Giggle is a cute app by Sesame Workshop and Put Me in The Story (you guys know I LOVE their customized storybooks). It’s easy to pop in your child’s name, record it in your own voice, and then your child can read the story (or have it read to them). I’m a big fan of quiet, calm apps like this that are more “books” than “digital excuses to get really hyper.”

C loves hearing her name in this app — and even though she’s not typically a Sesame Street fan, she loves it!

2. Kid-safe Netflix profiles. I don’t know why, but our kids both prefer watching shows on the iPad to watching them on one of our 40″ TVs. Seriously. DO. NOT. GET. IT. I guess they like the fact that they can choose their own shows, or change their mind partway through? #tinycontrolfreaks
Anyway, we love that they can identify the symbol for their shared Netflix profile, and only watch shows that are safe for kids. Before we had this, there may or may not have been an incident where C watched COPS. 

3. Potty Training Time (by Two Little Hands). I taught both of our kids sign language, and it was D’s primary mode of communication until after his first tube surgery (more on that here). So Signing Time was sacred in our house. 
When they came out with a potty-training app, I was all over it. Both kids loved it for training, and C *still* decides to “call Rachel” at least three times a week. I think she just loves getting to make a “real” phone call, and her face lights up when Rachel talks to her. Cutest thing ever. 

Miss C is all about calling Rachel. I kind of love Rachel, too. She’s rad.

4. Thomas & Friends: Engine Activity Fun. We got this one ages ago, and it’s a wonderful (free!) app. Both of the kids love doing the puzzles (there are different levels of difficulty) and C especially loves the colouring section.

5. The Speck iGuy. I was singing this guy’s praises today over on Scratch or Sniff along with another writer, and he really is awesome.

We bought one about three weeks ago because I was worried about the iPad getting cracked or broken since the kids are always toting it around. We used to just have a stand for it, and there was no actual protection. This guy is basically nothing BUT padding, so I feel more comfortable having the kids carry the iPad around. If it tips forwards, backwards, or gets dropped, it’s most likely going to be just fine.*

*Which is good, because I like to watch Netflix on the iPad when I’m sewing. I can set it up right next to the machine and keep my eyes on a show without sewing over my fingers. #winning

Tell me: What are your favourite iPad apps or accessories for kids? 

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