Five chilly thoughts on a dreary (snowy) Monday

The view from my basement office. The lights are off, and it is quite dark and gloomy down here today.

  1. It is SNOWING today in Nova Scotia, for the first time of the season. It’s a total rip-off, though, because it’s a wet, disgusting snow-rain. I believe the first snow of the year should be a fluffy sprinkling of pre-Christmas excitement, not glorified RAIN.
  2. It’s also cold. I bought the kids new hats and mittens this morning, because … ugh. Winter. It’s coming.
  3. I actually don’t hate winter, exactly. I just hate that I haven’t found my favourite leather gloves. I bet you $20 they are buried in a coat pocket somewhere, it’s just a matter of which coat …
  4. My main problem with winter — my only REAL problem — is the driving conditions it brings. I am a terrible wiener of a driver in snow, and I get nervous worrying about Darling Husband driving in the snow.
  5. Although … I just remembered hot chocolate, so … I might have to run upstairs and make some before my next interview!
Stay warm out there!

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