Room to move

What sane woman doesn’t like to think about decorating a nursery? Really? It’s one of the most flippin’ fun things out there.

One of the main reasons I plan on finding out the boy/girl situation is so I know how to decorate! Will the room be adorable and pink with girlyness everywhere? Or charming and boyish with, like, blue stuff?
The decorating, I’ve got covered. The big question is …. where?

It’s something I’ve thought about ever since Darling Husband and I bought our place two years ago. It’s not a huge place, and only has two bedrooms. One is ours (obvs) and the other is currently an office. We both have very techy jobs, so computers — and their hoardes of accessories — are very important to us.
So it’s only natural to wonder … um … what exactly are we going to do with all of our STUFF when bebe becomes a reality? And the office is converted into baa-baa-black-sheep land?
I’m not sure what other people do. The only “parents” I know have more than two bedrooms, so they always have plenty of office space left over. What about people like us? Do we turn half our bedroom into an office? The dining room? The living room? A random closet???
NOTE TO SELF: Research how people living in teeny Manhattan apartments make it work! There must be a way to keep the baby from sleeping in the linen closet.

2 Comments on “Room to move

  1. I thought I was the only one who was planning out the nursery for my not-even-conceived-yet-baby and wondering where I’m gonna find the room for him/her and the million things that come with…. lol Good to know I have company 🙂


  2. I know, it’s hard! I have been slowly trying to throw stuff out, to make extra closet space. It’s a long process!


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