10 things I love about you

An ode to my dream craft room (which I will have someday) …

1. It is painted a bright, cheery pink … possibly with an orange or yellow accent wall …

2. It has a worktable built into the wall, that stretches around the entire perimeter of the room …

3. One wall is covered with floor-to-ceiling shelves. 

4. It is a storage love-fest. Every shelf holds a basket with a label proclaiming “Glueguns” or “Wire” or “Googly eyes.”

5. It has inspiring words on the walls, and beautiful drapes. It’s a room that makes you happy when you walk into it.
6. There are a bunch of rolling office chairs, each covered in different bright, patterned fabric. You can sit in one and roll up and down the long work table.

7. Jars and baskets of paintbrushes, pencils, markers, pastels, and pens are lined up along the back of the worktable — ready to jump into action.

8. There are work-stations everywhere! There is a section devoted to painting — with canvases stacked beneath that section of table — a section devoted to beadwork, sewing, sculpting, etc.

9. One wall is entirely covered with clear plastic file-folder baskets, like these — and each one contains a neatly-folded piece of fabric …

10. All my thread is arranged on the wall, like art, according to shade.
Heaven is a beautifully-organized craft room … my Heaven, at least!

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