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A stitch in time

When I first stumbled upon the idea of embroidering your child’s artwork (discovered over at UCreate), I was impressed. But, clearly, I don’t have any childrens’ artwork to stitch just yet. So I saved it in my “Inspiration” folder — if you don’t have… Continue Reading “A stitch in time”

A touch of pink

Happy Friday, my beloved readers! During our weekly stitch’n’bitch, dear L and I were uber-productive. I took a break from my baby quilts and bibbity bobbity bibs to work on a home-decor item. On a whim, I decided wanted to create some new art… Continue Reading “A touch of pink”

Baby corn, baby shrimp … see a pattern?

Remember the episode of Full House when Rebecca tells Jesse she’s pregnant, and she makes that dinner of baby corn, baby shrimp, and baby back ribs? And then she eventually tells him through charades? Welllll, always the ones to get ahead of ourselves, Darling… Continue Reading “Baby corn, baby shrimp … see a pattern?”

And on his farm, he had a cow …

There are few things more soothing than cutting out felt shapes. I think I’m going to put that mantra on a pillow! Yes, after another difficult day at l’office, I began cutting out farm animals. I’m also painting some large photo frames with soft yellow… Continue Reading “And on his farm, he had a cow …”

I heart apples!

Big night last night! I started — and finished — my first bib!  Inspired by my mom and the bibs she used to make for me, I knew I wanted to do something embroidered. It went much faster than expected, although I learned a… Continue Reading “I heart apples!”