A stitch in time

When I first stumbled upon the idea of embroidering your child’s artwork (discovered over at UCreate), I was impressed.

But, clearly, I don’t have any childrens’ artwork to stitch just yet. So I saved it in my “Inspiration” folder — if you don’t have one, you must make one — so I could give it a whirl in a few years.

And then, I was browsing around on TwinStitchers. Their motto is “A great stitcher once said ‘It’s just like coloring with a needle and thread.'”
So true! And yet — why haven’t I thought of it before?
TwinStitchers makes gorgeous stitched artwork, like this family on a swingset. I have done some embroidery, but only ever words — and the occassional heart or flower. 
The idea of drawing an entire scene onto a piece of fabric and then “colouring” it is too perfect. I can’t wait!

P.S. I am so making an embroidered family portrait for my mom!
P.P.S. And one of Little Dog, to have above her food dishes!
P.P.P.S. And one of me and Darling Husband on our wedding day!
P.P.P.P.S. … I really must shut off this burst of inspiration and get back to work.

2 Comments on “A stitch in time

  1. Yes! Definitely a great start! You can fill it with pics of crafts you’d like to make when you’re at home with the baby!


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