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ABC blocks are C-U-T-E

Over at Jess: Knit Climb Java, there is a great posting about making knitted alphabet blocks. They’re totally adorable, not to mention soft compared to the old-school wooden ones! My knitting skills are … well, not good … but I have plans to make… Continue Reading “ABC blocks are C-U-T-E”

Can I take your order, Dad?

Growing up, one of my fave toys was my three-foot-high plastic kitchen. It had a stove that made crackling sounds — when using the frying pan — and boiling sounds — when using the pot. It … was … amazing! It even had a… Continue Reading “Can I take your order, Dad?”

Cuddle Quilt: Steps 2, 3, and 4

Last time on Kwilt Korner, Lacey was constructing a fabbity little number she called The Cuddle Quilt. Has she made any progress? Will fate get in the way, and jam up her Singer with the cruel thread of betrayal? Let’s watch … STEP 2: After… Continue Reading “Cuddle Quilt: Steps 2, 3, and 4”

Bib-itty bobitty bibs

So I was quilting up a storm last night — progress coming up in another post — and chatting on the phone with Mom.  She mentioned that she used to do a lot of sewing when I was a baby, and her favourite thing… Continue Reading “Bib-itty bobitty bibs”

Changin’ on the fly

Yay! Another craft project is on the horizon!  Over at Small Fry & C0., a very crafty mama made a beautiful changing pad that folds up for easy toting — and can even fit a few diapers and a small wipes container inside.  She even made a… Continue Reading “Changin’ on the fly”