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Shadow box your treasures so you can actually appreciate them

How creating a simple shadow box can make you feel happier I admit to being sentimental when it comes to “stuff,” but it gets complicated because I also hate clutter and our house has limited storage space. It’s a vicious cycle, where I lovingly…

DIY rolling craft table with hidden storage

DIY rolling craft table with hidden storage {Heather's Handmade Life}

How to build the craft table of your dreams Do you know one of my very favourite things to buy at a building supply store? Not wood or paint — although they’re top contenders — but huge sheets of smooth, shiny, white melamine. They…

What I’ve been making in pottery class

I dropped it in the bucket of chemicals and needed to go fishing around for it with my hands, and then pulled it out to reveal a soppy mess, and THEN accidentally wiped the glaze off in sections because it was too thick.