DIY felt Christmas tree ornaments

Some of my favourite Christmas ornaments are the soft felt ones sewed by my mom and her friend back when I was a baby. Every year, I marvel at their tiny little stitches and how they’re still in perfect condition after so many years. 

Meanwhile, most of our other ornaments look pretty rough. The plastic figurines have snapped-off limbs, the salt dough ornaments usually turn mushy after one season and we often smash a couple of bulbs at some point.

Since I love to sew, I decided to try making my own set of felt Christmas tree ornaments. It’s something I wish I’d done when my children were smaller, since felt ornaments are much safer for babies and toddlers. Nothing to crack or shatter! 

Felt is very inexpensive at craft stores and dollar stores and the only other supplies you’ll need are a pair of scissors, an embroidery needle, embroidery floss and a bit of cotton stuffing.

(You can buy stuffing, but I just cut open an old pillow I found in the very back of the linen closet.) 

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