DIY Christmas scrapbooks

I’d been saying for years that I wanted to create dedicated Christmas scrapbooks.

You know, books that only contained a few pages per year and you could flip through every single family Christmas in one swoop.

I’d forgotten, apparently, that I stopped scrapbooking around the time my oldest child started crawling and never, ever picked it back up again. 

Still, I was determined! I wanted to flip through nine years of kids-on-Santa’s-lap-at-the-mall photos. That meant I had a lot of sorting to do, since I had to go back to Christmas 2010, when our oldest child was just six months old.

Our oldest is now nine years old and we’re about to celebrate our 10th Christmas as a family, so I had nine years’ worth of digital photos to sort through.

How did I create these DIY Christmas scrapbooks? How will I maintain them each year?

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