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The DVD that keeps on giving

They should put huge stickers on the Baby Einstein DVDs that say: “Parents! Do you need 20 minutes to yourself? Need to get something done without a baby in your arms? BUY THIS!” God bless the good people at Baby Einstein. I don’t care… Continue Reading “The DVD that keeps on giving”

How to blog when you have a new baby

Forget you own a desk — seriously, because it will probably be months before you can sit at it Position your laptop on a table or stool next to your couch Get very good at typing with one hand Jot down topics the moment… Continue Reading “How to blog when you have a new baby”

The housewife’s lament

Sunday, October 11, 20096 WEEKS PREGNANT First of all, wahoo for today! Six weeks pregnant, which means I’m about halfway to the end of the first trimester — when I can start blabbing to people IRL — AND today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Editor’s note:… Continue Reading “The housewife’s lament”