How to blog when you have a new baby

  1. Forget you own a desk — seriously, because it will probably be months before you can sit at it
  2. Position your laptop on a table or stool next to your couch
  3. Get very good at typing with one hand
  4. Jot down topics the moment you think of them, otherwise, your soggy brain will forget them
  5. Try to ditch the guilt for letting your posts-per-week slide — when your baby is all grown up, you will be grateful for every moment you spent with them (and not care that your blog suffered a little in the beginning)

3 Comments on “How to blog when you have a new baby

  1. Agreed on the last point! I was worried about what would happen to my blog after our baby comes, but I quickly realized that I have many more important things to focus on!


  2. you have so much to write about when the baby comes just don't forget to keep a journal when you can't do it on your laptop.believe me it really helps.


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