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The road to sweet dreams

When I did my “Day in the life” post, the evening part wasn’t really reflective of a typical day around here. Darling Husband works most evenings, and he happened to be home that night, so it wasn’t the usual way I go about putting… Continue Reading “The road to sweet dreams”

A day in the life

Now that I’m a SAHM (and wife), no one asks how I spend my days. Everyone knows that I’m obviously taking care of the baby, but I feel like most people don’t realize how all-consuming that actually is. And truthfully, sometimes I feel like I’m… Continue Reading “A day in the life”

The happiest baby on the block

In the first few sleep-deprieved weeks of parenthood, I was surfing parenting blogs (probably looking desperately for advice!) and came across this phrase: “Don’t try to make a happy baby happier.” At first, I was like, “Pfffft. That’s dumb. Of course you should always… Continue Reading “The happiest baby on the block”