Choosing between happiness and security

Yesterday was brutal. Brutal. Like close-my-office-door-and-cry-while-trying-not-to-ruin-my-mascara brutal.

Oour minds are on overdrive, trying to figure out exactly how to get the cash we need to pay the big, bad government. Here is the situation:
Darling Husband technically has two jobs — his main one, Job A, that’s a good bill-payer but not much fun, and Job B, which is a crappy bill-payer but loads of fun.
There was a time when he only had Job A, but was unhappy all the time. He dreamed of doing Job B, but there wasn’t an opportunity for him to do it full-time. So he decided to divide his time between Job A and Job B, and he became a lot happier. He was doing something he loved — at least part of the time.
With our financial poo-ness, we have discussed him giving up Job B (a.k.a. Operation Fun), and putting more hours into the better-paying Job A. 
How do you choose between something that makes you happy and something that will help financially? 
While we are both painfully practical people (pardon the alliteration), I also am a firm believer in doing what you love. I mean, I blogged the other day about how while I really sometimes mostly like what I do, I miss having a truly creative job. I don’t want Darling Husband to feel that way, too.
After much discussion, we decided we are going to try and make it work without him quitting the job he loves. We came up with some money-saving ideas — stay tuned — and hopefully we can figure something out.
I know how much it means for me to get my first book published. DH already has that feeling of happiness and fulfillment at Job B, and he shouldn’t have to give it up without a fight.

So what do you think?

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