Easy ways to change a room’s colour palette

Easy Ways to Change a Room's Colour Palette {Heather's Handmade Life}

My sister and her husband have a beautiful, modern home in north-end Halifax. They’re child-free so everything in their home is very nice and stays that way — except for the glass coffee table that my children cover in smudgy handprints every time we visit. 

Everything is their home is either brand-new or the cool kind of vintage, which is why I was surprised when my sister asked me for a bit of DIY assistance. 

They wanted to overhaul the colour palette in their living room. They’d used teal and aqua as their accent colours ever since they moved in several years ago, and they had lots of neutral decorations in warm creams and browns. 

(My sister has always been convinced their beautiful velvet sofas are “chocolate brown,” but I have insisted they are charcoal grey. It’s so funny how differently we all see colours!)

Now they wanted to repaint the walls (from a creamy beige to a cool crisp white), focus on deep greys instead of browns and bring in mustard yellow as the primary accent colour …

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