The (6th Annual) Freelancer Christmas Party

The 6th Annual Freelancer Christmas Party {Heather's Handmade Life}

It can be lonely working from home, especially in December when it seems like EVERYBODY ELSE gets to go to a company Christmas party.

That’s why I always throw myself one …

My 2017 Self Employed Christmas Party for One
My 2016 Self Employed Christmas Party for One
My 2015 Self Employed Christmas Party for One
My 2014 Self Employed Christmas Party for One
My 2013 Self Employed Christmas Party for One

But this year? The boss a.k.a. ME wasn’t keen on having a party.

There’s so much to do!” she kept yelling. “We’ll never get it all done! All hands on deck! No rest for the wicked!”

Honestly, it had the whole team feeling pretty stressed out.

No time to pick up a water bottle. It must be connected to an employee’s mouth via hose.
She thinks this MOTIVATES us?!

I found myself daydreaming of parties from years gone by …

I thought the boss might have had a change of heart. She brought down lunch!

… but it was just her leftovers from the previous night. *sigh*

Things seemed promising when she handed a card to each employee, but … once again, we were underwhelmed …

Even though we weren’t having a party, she distractedly handed out the service awards. I’d won Employee of the Year for five years running, so I was feeling pretty excited until … what???


One thing I always count on at our corporate Christmas parties is a nice cold Diet Coke. So when the boss said she’d pass out drinks, I was NEVER expecting she’d pull a stunt like this …

Enough was enough!

It was time for a wake-up call for our mean, terrible boss!

I’m pleased to report that she reconsidered and I *did* win Employee of the Year — six years running, now!

My colleagues and I finally started to relax and get into the festive season with a few selfies. #lovemyteam #workfriends

And then? It was time for some REAL LUNCH …

Midday Hub Grub visit with a good friend = good for the soul!

My boss may have needed some MAJOR convincing, but I’m glad she finally realized that we need a party. You can’t work yourself to the point of exhaustion every day. It causes wrinkles.

Nothing sweeter (er, asparatamier?) than a holiday party Diet Coke!

Thanks for “joining” my little Christmas party-for-one again this year! Wishing all of you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



P.S. Two of my self-employed friends also threw themselves holiday parties. Hop over to Eat, Drink and Be You to see Kerra’s party, and then stop in for a cuppa on the farm — Farm Fresh Style, to be exact — and see Lori’s party.

7 Comments on “The (6th Annual) Freelancer Christmas Party

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    • It can’t be “All work, no play” ALL of the time — and she needed to learn that! 😉


  2. YAY! I was looking forward to this post. Have a great holiday. I am hosting an open house on the 24th for my neighbours and pretending they’re co-workers.


    • That’s a good idea, Meghan! I’m too antisocial for an open house, but I applaud you!


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