The (2nd Annual) corporate Christmas party for a work-at-home freelance journalist

Yes, it’s back! 

I received such a positive response from last year’s solo, work-at-home, freelancer Christmas party that I decided to do it again this year. 

(Plus, it was a great excuse to eat cream puffs in the middle of the afternoon.)

Employee of the Year TWO YEARS RUNNING!

Signature cocktail: Diet Coke. Of course.
This is what a buffet looks like … when it’s for one person.

We kicked off the party with a few games!

Can’t forget the Secret Santa gift exchange!
Woohoo! I won the 50-50 draw!
Selfie time!

“In lieu of a bonus, a donation has been made in your name to”
This handsome guy came downstairs just in time for dessert.  

And this lovely lady joined me for dancing
Merry Christmas from all of us (a.k.a. me) here at
Thank you to my AMAZING clients for another wonderful year. I’m so grateful to be working with people and products that I believe in.

Missed our 2013 corporate Christmas party?

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