My home smells like a clean-shaven dentist

All right, ladies and gentlemen! ARE YOU READY TO SNIFF STUFF?*

(*and then get a twinge of a headache?)

By popular demand (possibly?), we’re back with another exciting edition of “What do the Scentsy fragrances REALLY smell like?” with your sniffy host, Heather Laura Clarke.

Prepare your schnozzes because we’ve got a lot of new sniffy stuff to sniff, courtesy of the lovely Jennifer Felix who sells them!


What Scentsy fragrances REALLY smell like: Volume II {Heather's Handmade Life}
“Eskimo” kiss? REALLY, SCENTSY?!
I loved this one last time, too!

Ready for your TOP FIVE FINALISTS?

After a LOT of sniffing and re-sniffing, my favourites this time around are …


I really should be hired to name their next collection of scents, shouldn’t I? 😉

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