Refreshing a $1 lamp with chalk paint

One of my Secondhand Secrets of Success (wouldn’t that be a cool book?) is that a LAMP is one of the most awesome finds at a yard sale or flea market.
Yup, lamps.
Old ones, in particular. (But not antiques because $$$)
They’re strong as hell, they’re sold for cheap (usually) and they can be EASILY redone for your space.
So when I got a fun package in the mail from Annie Sloan, I knew exactly what my first project was going to be …
I scored this curvy pink beauty for $1. ONE DOLLAR. I loved the big bubble shape and I knew it could look fantastic in a different colour. (And this is coming from someone who LOVES pink. So.)
Who cared that it didn’t come with a shade? Shades are easy to pick up. (I get this one from Walmart pretty much every single time.)
I’m a sucker for a beautiful bright paint colour, so I dove into Annie Sloan’s red: Emperor’s Silk. 
I brushed on a single coat on my Very Fancy Work Surface (a.k.a. Washing Machine) and then did a slight touch-up to the bottom half once it was dry.
The paint goes on bright and glossy, but really dries to a chalky, lovely hue of red.

It’s the perfect cheery addition to this corner of my all-new DIY studio, but who knows if it will stay here forever.

That’s the beauty of lamps like this! They take about three minutes to paint, and you can repaint them and re-home them for years.

Quite the transformation, huh?

That was $1 well spent.

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Click on the thumbnails to take a virtual lil’ round-trip:


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