DIY pet toy storage

Just a quick DIY today, guys! I wanted to share the pet toy storage solution I came up with for our Chocolate Boston Terrier, Annabelle, and her many, MANY toys.
We’d been using a nice dark wicker basket but she occassionally chewed on it (!!!) and I decided she needed to have something where I wouldn’t care about the odd tooth-mark. 
(Plus, she’s super-short so she’d constantly knock the basket over so her toys would spill out and she could see what she wanted to play with. That was … fun.)
So I bought a low crate from Michaels (after, seriously, YEARS of wanting to buy one but not coming up with a good use for one) and a handful of white wooden letters.

Then I dipped a brush into a light grey paint (“Putty” by Fusion Mineral Paint) and went over the whole crate.

I wasn’t going for full coverage because I wanted it to look casual and farmhouse-y, of course.

Then I put a smidgen of black paint (“Coal Black” by Fusion Mineral Paint) on a clean brush and very, very lightly dry-brushed the wood — focusing especially on the edges — to make it look dirty and interesting.

To add the letters, I used a dab of No More Nails on the back of each one.

The finished dog-toy crate looks great in the living room, and it’s low enough that our teeny Annabelle can easily reach to the bottom. 
This means she doesn’t (and can’t) knock the crate over to get to the toys in the bottom. Instead of picking up ALL of her toys every day, I only have to pick up five or six. 
#WINNING #dogmomlife

“I do not haz too many toys. I haz too few.”

“Hmmm, what do I want to play with today? The Happy Meal stuffy? Or the OTHER Happy Meal stuffy? Or the stuffy I stole from the human children? So many decisionz.”

Let me know if you make your own! 

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