Scrappy Easter egg table runner

Hey guys! I’m popping in today to share a really simple Easter sewing project as part of the East Coast Moms Easter Egg blog hop.
Our challenge was to create something fun using Easter eggs of any kind, and I thought for a minute about the possibilities of using craft store eggs. Then I decided what I really felt like doing was — surprise, surprise — sewing.
I keep my fabric organized in bins by colour, and my biggest bins are the pink bin and the aqua bin, since they’re two of the colours I seem to use the most when I’m sewing clothes for the kids. 
I hunted through all of my bins to find the prettiest, pastel-iest fabrics I had on hand, and came up with pink, aqua, mint green, purple, yellow, and coral. Ahhh.

The first step was cutting long strips out of the colours and arranging them in an order I liked. Some of my scraps were too short, so I quickly sewed the ends together to make them long enough.

Once I was happy with the order, I sewed all of the strips together on my serger (just because it’s faster — a sewing machine would have been perfectly fine).

I didn’t care about matching up any ends or measuring anything (naturally) because I knew it would all be trimmed anyway.

Here’s the back

Once I had all of the strips attached, I had a big wobbly-looking striped rectangle. I’d purposely used the shortest strips at the top and bottom, so I knew they’d be cut the smallest (since eggs are pointy-ish on the ends).

I folded my hot mess in half (right sides together) and just freehanded a curve so I had what looked like half an egg.

Then I took my egg-shaped creation, cut out a piece of cotton batting the same size, cut out a piece of backing fabric that was a few inches larger, all around, than my egg (this blue and white dotted fabric was perfect), and sandwiched the three layers together — as if I was making a quilt.

I wrapped the backing around the edges to the front and did my favourite “cheater binding” method (where your edge is back from the backing), and then I just quilted random lines, zig-zags and swirls through all three layers.

I was planning to do this on my sewing machine, but I ended up doing it by hand while watching TV for a few evenings. (Since I’m awful at watching TV without working on a project at the same time.)

The finished product was a cute Easter egg table runner made entirely from scraps!

We’ve had it on our table for a couple of weeks now, and the kids love it. I think I might make a table runner for some other holidays, too — like when I made those felt banners that we STILL use every single holiday, back when I was pregnant with D a million years ago. Be sure to check out what Easter egg projects my lovely friends are sharing today!


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