The 90-minute (totally free) bedroom makeover

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen sneak peeks of what we’ve been working on in C’s room. Her room hadn’t really been changed since before she was born (with the exception of the rainbow bed and the amazing nightstands) so it was due for something fresh.

The decor changes in our house regularly as I DIY new pieces and re-do older ones, and a question I get a lot is “What do you do with the stuff you don’t use anymore?”

While furniture is usually sold, we tend to donate most of the decor pieces. We have *very* limited storage space in our house and I get anxious about clutter. Rarely, though, does it go to someone we know.

Until today!

While I was tearing apart C’s room and piling up the items that weren’t going to be put back in, I saw on Facebook that the mother of one of D’s friends was looking to redo her daughter’s room and wasn’t sure where to start.

Bailey is a super-sweet little girl who’s been in D’s class for two years in a row now, and I knew she liked Shopkins, Barbies and Frozen so clearly she had a lot in common with C! Bailey is going to have a new little brother soon, so I liked the idea of doing something special for her as a soon-to-be-big-sister.

I messaged her mom, Heidi, to see if she wanted any of the decor for Bailey’s room makeover. She did, and she was kind enough to let me bulldoze in and do exactly as I pleased with it!

Here’s a look at Bailey’s room when I arrived …



We weren’t going to paint the walls or the furniture, but I was still able to change the room quite a bit. Here’s what it looked like 90 minutes (and zero dollars) later …

Tissue paper poms: Originally for C’s nursery
Paper pennant banner: Meri Meri 


Wooden shelves: Originally for C’s nursery
Audrey Hepburn sign: Painted by me, originally for C’s nursery

Pink polka-dot curtains: Originally for C’s nursery (tutorial here)
Tiebacks: Just scraps of tulle leftover from a bedskirt I’d made

The gallery wall is a mixture of Bailey’s pieces, pieces from C’s old gallery wall, pieces from other rooms (remember those yellow mirrors) and a couple of items I had in my stash that I knew would work.



Throw pillows: Made by me, originally to match C’s nightstands



And some before-and-after comparisons, too!



What do you think? It was a sweaty 90 minutes but it was exhilarating! I wish everybody would just like me take over a room in their house and do whatever I wanted with it.

Thank you to Heidi, Alan, and Bailey for letting me have fun with this makeover!

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