More (boring) purchases I made online

Remember when I told you about my goal to simplify, and part of that included less annoying errands? (Like running out of liquid hand soap and dishwasher tabs)

I promised to let you know how it went, so here we are — one month into our let’s-have-a-monthly-Walmart-AutoSave-order so I don’t have to go out in public.

I’d put together a $50 order of the basics I felt we’d need every month — estimating how much we’d use so I wasn’t ending up with a six-month supply of shampoo arriving every four weeks.
Well, get this.
I had to take MOST of the items off our second order because we weren’t even close to needing more!
Here’s what we ordered the first time around with Walmart AutoSave, one month ago …

*It’s not that my husband is smelly. He just has a weird thing about buying his own deodorant (CONSTANTLY) and hoarding, like, 10 sticks at a time. So I didn’t want to get in the way of that strange behaviour.
We hadn’t gone through all of ANYTHING, but that’s also partially because we were starting with partially-full bottles/containers/packages of all of those items.
By the time another month goes by, I expect to be able to keep those items on the list. But this month? I only re-ordered the laundry detergent — which, it turned out, I didn’t even need. But I was too lazy to walk into the laundry room and check.
But I had, of course, thought of other items we needed — as well as a few one-off items — so I got the order as scheduled. Just with almost entirely different items.

Sheets for C’s new bed, since I wanted to have an extra set. She has white and pale pink chevron cotton sheets on now and that’s all she has. D has two sets of the same soft jersey-knit sheets for his two beds and I’ve always liked how they feel like well-worn T-shirts.

A new drying mat because we use ours constantly with our new sink. I haven’t been washing it very often since it’s always in use, so yayyyy for having two in rotation.

Cleaning supplies (other than products for dishes + laundry) was completely forgotten during the first order. So, yeah, that. and that.

It turned out the garbage bags I’d ordered were too small and annoying for everyday kitchen use. I suppose our kitchen garbage can is larger than, uh, the norm?

So I ordered 80 clear outdoor garbage bags, which I are sturdier and larger and more like what I’d choose to buy if I was out in public. Like, actually picking things out in a store, like the olden days.

Dog treats were something I’d forgotten to put in the first order, and I think that’s a good staple to keep on the AutoSave. It’s not like the dog is going to stop peeing and pooping (and expecting to be rewarded for doing it outside).

The parchment paper is something I don’t use very often but SHOULD, so I guess it’s an aspirational purchase? I picked the smallest roll and it was less than $3, so it will probably last me a lifetime.

Oh, and a scrubby dishcloth for washing dishes. I admit, I was sucked in by the fact it was made by KitchenAid and the fact that it was black and would match our sink.


I think ordering these kinds of “boring basics” online is really working for us — so far, at least.

I get flustered in crowded (and uncrowded) stores. I suck at comparing prices (something that’s easy to do online). I forget what we need (well, this happened anyway).

And I’m too tempted by impulse items.

Cute sweater!
New dishes!
New packaging on that cereal! NEED!

Keeping a running automatic order of the basics means our grocery runs are completely food-focused, we’re not stockpiling dozens of bars or soap or disposable razors, and we’re not running out of frigging hand soap (EVER AGAIN).

Plus, I get really excited when there’s a package at the door. Even if it contains garbage bags and toilet cleaner?

One Comment on “More (boring) purchases I made online

  1. There is a promo code on Bargain Moose for $10 off your order with Wal-Mart online! I ordered diapers and toothpaste; so exciting, haha!


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