Dreaming up a new bedroom for our little girl

It took me two tries to get it right in D’s bedroom (TLDR; the first time I picked grey paint that was waaaaay too light) but in our little girl’s room? 
I nailed it the first time.
I dreamed up her pink, aqua and white nursery while I was pregnant with her, and painstakingly decorated it while I was heavily pregnant. I painted 28 glittery cupcakes on the cupcake tree on her wall because I was 28 years old and thought it was a fun wink. (Now I’m 33 and 28 sounds super-young.)
It literally hasn’t changed since before she was BORN, except for when I tweaked her gallery wall to add some splashes of yellow and bolder pinks, and added a DIY canopy bed with bright rainbow curtains. The walls, the art, the curtains, the furniture — virtually all unchanged. 
(This is unheard of for me, so it proves that I really, really like her bedroom.)
But you know what? It’s time for a change! As much as I love the aqua, the pink, and the rainbow, I’m ready to try something new. Our baby girl is going to be five in April and I want her to have a beautiful updated room, rather than a slightly-evolving nursery.
Of course, things are different this time around! C has an opinion of her own, and she loves going on Pinterest with me to look for ideas. We’ve been pinning them to a secret board so far, but here’s a look at what we *think* we’ve settled on … 


C wants a “purple and pink” colour scheme. I do not like purple (it pained me to paint her nightstands purple, although she insisted) so I’m going with lavender and blush with little touches of super-soft aqua and grey. And lots of white, of course!

She has beadboard on the lower half of her room, which we’ll keep white, and the top half will likely be a soft grey so we can have fun with the next step …


We’re going to build her a massive loft bed (!!!) that has a raised play area, and it will have a large play area underneath (probably structured to look like a little house) for playing Barbies,

We’re also going to paint the hand-me-down wooden dressers a custom-mixed shade of Fusion Mineral Paint (pink!) and add gorgeous white rose hardware from Phillips and Chestnut.

We might also take the desk from D’s room (he’s got his own room makeover in the works, too) and turn it into the “makeup table” she’s been begging for.


We’re taking out the ceiling fan (not a good idea to have one of those with a loft bed!) and replacing it with this stunning flush-mount light with crystals from Kent. C is obsessed with the fact that she’s getting a new “chan-da-weer” for her bedroom, and I can’t wait to see it installed!


I’ve been dying over this pillow ever since I first pinned in, so I think it’s inspired the whole room without me even realizing it.

[ source ]

I also want to DIY the light switch plates and outlet covers with lots of glitter for a fun touch, and do a new gallery wall in the soft tones of her new palette.


So that’s the plan — I think! It could change if the little miss keeps pinning new things every day. I’ve creating a mini Pinny monster! 😉

So what do you think?

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