The (almost) no-sew sweater pillow

‘Tis the season when you dig out the winterwear, and we’ve learned from Marie Kondo that we probably don’t need ALL of those sweater, right?
Today I’m sharing a quickie DIY that takes an old wool sweater and gives it a new (way more awesome) life as … a pillow!
If you have already Kon-Mari-ed all of your wool sweaters because they were itchy and therefore did not spark joy (um … yeah, that was me) then feel free to take a wool sweater from the garbage bag of clothing your sister gives you every few months so you can cut everything up and turn it into new clothes for your kids. (Wait, your sister doesn’t do that?!) 
Moving on …
ALL you need to do is sew the bottom of the sweater shut, jam a pillow into the neckhole, and then tie its arms behind its back (this sounds really violent).
(No sweaters were harmed in the making of this pillow.)

Who has old sweaters lying around? C’mon, you KNOW they’re itchy and sometimes it’s hard to find a thin long-sleeved shirt to wear under them so the itch doesn’t drive you mad.

Make ’em into pillows. You’ll both be happier.

So what do you think?

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