DIY plant shelves for $10

I’m not a plant person in the sense that I’m good at keeping them alive, but I do love the way they look. There’s nothing like a smattering of greenery to make a room look prettier — and cleaner, actually.

So I’ve been slowly, slowly collecting can’t-be-killed-easily plants for my kitchen. I waver between overwatering and underwatering so there have been some brown leaves — and periods of, um, plant sickness? — but things were looking up. I had two cacti, an aloe plant and I think a succulent, all hanging out on the counter around the kitchen sink.

As much as I enjoyed having them there, my OCD was fretting over the counter clutter. I tried moving them to the window ledge but it felt crowded and they obstructed the view. It was starting to feel very Jumanji-esque except without the fun parts, like whooshing down the stairs in a flood.

After some extended begging and pleading, I convinced my handy husband that adding some small shelves around the window was a good idea. No, it would not ruin the resale value. No, it would not be “weird” to have shelves jutting out of the sides of the cabinets. (He is always wary of my suggestions because he does not share my imagination.)

All it took was a single 1 x 6 knotty pine board (less than $10) to cut six lovely little shelves. Two of them ended up being slightly shorter, but I refused to let him go back to the store for more wood to try again. “They’re fine!” I assured him hastily, eager to keep moving forward. “They’ll just go at the top on either side. They’re fine!”

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home …




Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home …

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