How to de-tangle, smooth and curl doll hair

When I bought my American Girl doll, Hannah (yes, I bought it for me, years before I had actual human-children), she had the silkiest hair ever. Seriously the stuff of hair dreams … you know, for nylon or whatever it was.
But then …
I had children … 
Every doll looks like it was dunked in a toilet, swirled around, tossed into the dryer, dunked back in the toilet and then dragged behind a truck.
So I got down with my bad Pinterest self … 
Doll detangler is simple — two tablespoons of fabric softener in a spray bottle, topped up with warm tap water.
(I made a funnel out of tinfoil because apparently I Kon-Mari-ed our funnel in a fit of decluttering.)
Spritz the doll’s hair, behind careful not to get it on their “scalp” (hello, mould) and comb, comb, comb out those tangles … piece by piece.
It takes a while depending on your child’s degree of dolly abuse … 
Once it’s smooth, it might need a little trim.
Baby Alive has naturally (well, you know, mechanically) curly hair, so hers didn’t look right when it was detangled and smoothed. So I cut up a couple of drinking straws, grabbed some binder clips and make teensy little curlers. 
I made sure her hair was nice and wet with the detangling solution and let it dry for a few hours.
She was super happy with her new look. Get it, girl.
And now for the before and after comparison … always the best part of any makeover!

In conclusion, my fingers were very pruney after so much spritizing and combing and curling (C wandered off half-way through and I was left to finish the job).

But … it was totally worth it. #fabulouslifeofdolls

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