My surprise hysterectomy at 31

I wrote a bit about my unexpected absence from the blogosphere, but I wasn’t specific about what happened.
I had actually written a lengthy piece about the surgery within the first couple of days of coming home from the hospital, but I wasn’t ready to share it yet. It was so personal, and I was still in a state of shock.
So I sat on it, texted and messaged privately with friends, and watched more Full House episodes on Netflix.
I felt brave this morning, and I pitched it to the Huffington Post a couple of hours ago. I got a quick response that it was live on the site, and here it is … 
Read the full story here

It’s definitely the most personal story I’ve ever shared on the internet, for hundreds (thousands?) of eyes to see — and this is coming from a girl who has blogged about pregnancy constipation, pooping during labour, and peeing in my child’s potty while camping.

I’m holding my breath for the kind of harsh comments I got on my very first HuffPo piece (published last week), but I can’t control what people say. I told my story, it’s out there, and I can only hope it helps someone else going through a similar situation.

Peace, love, and heart-eyed emogios,


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