The Winter That Won’t Ever End

There are only five days left in March, and I am pretty sure it will never, ever be warm in Nova Scotia again. Ever.
If you are suffering from a similar winter (fellow East Coasters), I’ll understand if you nod solemnly and quietly flip to a more pleasing blog. I get it. We just can’t talk about the weather anymore, right?*
*What am I saying? OF COURSE WE CAN!
We had a green Christmas (seriously), and a fairly mild January. February was rough, but it was nothing compared to … *whispers tearfully* … March … 
Things started off OK. Lots of snow, but everyone was pretty happy … 
Sledding at a local park. See? Winter fun!

Then things started to get dodgy.

Sidewalks turned into tunnels, and we thought “Surely, this can’t get any worse. It’s MARCH for crying out loud.”

The walk to the babysitter’s.

But Winter is a cruel one. She hissed “Don’t call me Shirley!” and dumped MORE snow on us …

Our driveway started to look like a valley between two snow mountains. Darling Husband actually had to MOVE SNOW to the backyard, just so he had room to shovel the NEW SNOW.

The snow crept higher and higher, until you could literally walk off our front porch (over the railing) and not bother using the steps.

My poor Dad, who lives in southern Ontario (a.k.a. The Part of Canada That’s Warm a lot and Everybody Has a Pool) was in shock over the snow … especially the day he had to help Darling Husband shovel THREE. SEPARATE. TIMES.

See the big smile? Darling Husband likes to shovel. (For some reason)

The back yard was becoming unrecognizable, but March wasn’t done with us yet …

I think we were trying to spell “SAVE US FROM MARCH!” in snow footprints.

Darling Husband had to shovel a legit CHAMBER to get to the shed.

Oh March. When are you going to ease up on your icy grasp, and let us break out the sneakers?!?!

For now, we will have to resort to Instagramming collages of how our yards *used* to look, and hoping that the kids don’t outgrow their new spring jackets before they get a chance to wear them …

Happier (warmer) times

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