DIY paint chip art

There are three things that I must do every time I’m in a hardware store: check the discount tables to see if there are any good deals, walk down the spray paint aisle — there’s something Zen-like about those glossy caps in all the colours of the rainbow — and, finally, gaze at the paint chips.

I can’t explain exactly what it is about them. The thickness of the cardstock, the beautiful colours, the promise of changing an entire room for a $50 can of paint. I just love them.

In a perfect world, I’d scoop up a handful of them during every visit, but I’m a follow-the-rules girl and I’d feel too guilty doing that. So I only take a few, here and there, when I actually need to decide on a colour for a project.

 Last weekend, I attacked my paint swatches and started pulling out strips with the colours of our home’s main level — shades of turquoise, aqua, and green — as well as cool-toned neutrals like white and grey …

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