7 boredom-busters for March Break

I can’t believe next week is March Break. The kids are still too little to have no idea what it is, so they won’t realize anything is different until Monday rolls around and we don’t drive the preschool carpool.

Since we’ve been having horrrrrible weather lately (So. Sick. Of. The. Snow. OMG.), I figure we will need some major indoor entertainment.

So this week in “The Mom Scene,” I’m talking about seven ways to keep kids busy that don’t involve iPads and LeapPads or pads of any kind.

“… I’m not really the parent who plans educational activities, but I “invented” an activity that felt sort of science-y. It started when I found a couple of rock-hard bags of white sugar on the shelves in our basement. I Googled how to soften it, and it sounded like a ton of work. So I dumped a bag into a shallow plastic container, set out a bowl of warm water and some measuring spoons, and let my daughter go wild. 

I called it “Snow Sand” (patent pending) and she loved dripping the water over the sugar to watch it melt. After the sugar had thoroughly turned to mush, we made a brand-new activity out of washing out the plastic container in the sink. She’ll take any excuse to stand at the sink and pretend to wash dishes.”

Read the full column here. May your March Break be merry and somewhat whine-free.


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