10 wishes for the impending storm

  1. First and foremost, I wish that it doesn’t affect my husband’s ability to get home safely from work.
  2. (Secret follow-up wish: Not that I wish him to miss work, per se, but if he should get stuck here and can’t get to work tomorrow night, well … sweet. We can binge-watch more Weeds.)
  3. I wish the snow is pack-y and not powder-y, because the kids will be bugging me to make them snowballs, and that’s hella-difficult when the snow’s not cooperating.
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  4. I wish the snow to cancel school on Wednesday, so that there’s no preschool. It’s my day to volunteer, and … well, it’s not that I don’t love the 12 little rugrats and playing rousing sessions of “Dora House and It’s Dora’s Birthday, and I get to be Swiper, OK?” But I do feel comfortable saying that I love being at home in my pyjamas much, much more.
  5. If the weather too bad for my husband to drive home from work, I wish that his employer puts him and his buddies up in hotel rooms to ride out the storm (and then, uh, return to work later that night for their next shift — it’s not a vacation or anything).
  6. Follow-up wish: I wish we have power if he’s in a hotel room, otherwise my Jealousy Meter is going to be OFF THE FREAKING CHARTS.
  7. Related wish: I wish the power stays on here.
  8. Seriously, the power has to stay on! If I’m trapped in this house with a four-year-old and a two-year-old, there had better be sweet, life-affirming power. The Lord said “Let there be Netflix … and it was Good.”
  9. I wish to not eat all of the #StormChips, because my loving husband has set in a hefty supply.
  10. No really, I wish not to eat them all. If I eat all of the #StormChips, there will be a significant increase in #ThunderThighs and #BigBooty.

2 Comments on “10 wishes for the impending storm

  1. Lol.
    1. I hope he gets home safely as well. It will affect MY husband's ability to get home from work. As a lineman, he goes out when everybody stays home. Not that I mind, after 20 years I'm pretty used to it. OT is gravy 🙂
    2. Has NEVER happened here. They'd send a plow out if they had to to pick up line workers.
    3. Pack-y snow means more of a likelihood that the power WILL be off. Pack-y equals heavy and sticky equals trees and lines down. Great for snowmen, not so good for #7.
    4. I'm on board with that. PJ's all day rock.
    5. I hope they do, too.
    6. I feel ya there. Even though I know he's working his behind off, I'm secretly jealous that they have their meals out during storm response.
    7. Good luck with that. Just know the guys are out bustin' a** to get it back on as quick as they can 🙂 Ironically, despite the crap they work in, they really love their jobs, and aim to get the power restored as quickly and as safely as possible.
    8. I can't help ya. I am reminded of a post hurricane Juan couple of days with my boys, then 4 and 2. NEVER SO HAPPY TO SEE POWER.
    9. I'm just shaking my head in consternation.
    10. Agreed. More motivation to Zumba with ME, tho' 🙂


  2. Storm chips started for me last night before even one flake of snow hit the ground – polished off a bag of chocolate chips, followed by a bag of tostitos chips. Teachers, even retired ones, really love storm days! Heidi, do you make zumba house-calls?


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