Five things about working late (when you’re self-employed)

  1. It’s much harder to concentrate at night. For me, at least.
  2. It’s much more tempting to shop online, read blogs, check celebrity news … hmm, who was Mindy Kaling’s ex? … Then you slap yourself and remember that you’re wasting time. Your manta must become: “The longer I frig around on the internet, the longer I’m going to be sitting here.”
  3. The only real benefit is that you’re not snacking in front of the TV, so I’ll go as far to say that working late = skinny? Maybe? Hopefully?
  4. You are wasting your precious kids-in-bed time, and it’s sad. What a sad, sad, sad waste of a few hours of free time. The TV is lonely. The couch is crying fuzzy tears.
  5. You don’t get overtime when you’re self-employed. You just get … to stay employed.


So what do you think?

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