Who says plastic kiddie furniture has to be ugly?

I’ve ranted before about how plastic kiddie playhouses, vehicles, and furniture often come in really ugly colours. I have no idea why this happens, but perhaps the manufacturers are in cahoots with the makers of plastic-safe spray paint?

 This little teal, red, and beige desk — a hand-me-down from our nieces — was no exception. But the kids adored sitting there to colour and work on their letters, so I knew I had to make it look a little prettier.

Since I planned to spray-paint the desk a few different colours, I decided to take it apart — rather than just taping off certain areas. So I started by dragging the whole thing out to the backyard, and attacking it with a screwdriver. There were little white plastic caps over all of the screws, so I did my best to not lose them in the grass.

It was a really hot day, the screws were stubborn, and there was possibly (definitely) some complaining happening. I’m not really into manual labour — I just like results.

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