SAHMs, WAHMs, WOHMs, and … WWSPs? / Working from home while your kiddo is napping

We all know about SAHMs (stay-at-home moms), WOHMs (work-out-of-the-home moms), and WAHMs (work-at-home moms).

But I’d like to invent a brand-new acronym: “WWSP,” for work-while-they’re-sleeping parent.

 There are more and more of us WWSPs, and we really aren’t the same as a work-at-home parent — because we don’t have childcare.

We also aren’t the same as a stay-at-home parent — because our naptimes and post-bedtime hours are busy, busy, busy with work.

 I know work-at-home parents who have full-time or part-time childcare — either in their own home, at a sitter’s, or at a daycare facility. Their child are safe and happy with someone else, and they’re free to get down to work — it just happens to be in their own home.

The trouble with working from home without childcare is that you are still in charge of your kids while you’re working — and they may or may not be sleeping!

Yes, we WWSPs can do laundry while we’re at work — it’s great! Yes, we can make ourselves a hot lunch in the kitchen and never have to pack a yucky sandwich in a rush — it’s wonderful! Yes, we have no commute, we can use our own bathrooms, and we can wear whatever we want — probably the best parts! 

But when you’re only able to work when your child is sleeping — or safely “resting” in their bedroom, at least — it puts a lot of limitations on what you’re able to get done.


So what do you think?

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